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A large portion of the general public believes grooming a dog is just popping the dog in the bath and running a clipper over them and that’s the grooming procedure complete. This could not be further from the truth. Grooming your dog is a very valuable addition to your dog’s life. From the moment your dog enters the salon with you, it is being assessed but you are probably not even aware of it happening.

While your pet is being groomed we handle every square inch of their body. We can make you aware of added early warning signs by bringing to your attention lumps, bumps, sores, old wounds, torn nails, skin problems, restricted movement in joints and limbs which can be early indications of conditions that vets can help provide relief for…. The list can be endless.

The typical stay at the shop is 2 to 3 hours for small to medium sized dogs. 3-4 hours for larger breeds with heavier under coats, and for pet’s receiving hand scissoring or de-matting. We do our best to get your dog groomed and back home to you in a timely manner.

I have to admit, the first time I booked an appointment for my 65lb Goldendoodle, I couldn’t believe it took three hours, NOW, I am shocked a groomer can get Him groomed in three Hours.  Of course a small 5lb dog is not going to take as long as a 65lb one.  But let me explain the process so you can understand.

STEP 1.  ASSESSMENT-   Is it Matted?  Any Skin Allergies?  Health Issues? Ear Issues? ETC.  If the Dog is matted, Then we CANNOT bath the dog until all the mattes are gone. This process along can take up to 5 Hours. Bathing a dog with MATTES Tightens and brings them closer to the skin, it is unhealthy for your dog and as Professional Groomer it is POLICY, WE CANNOT BATH A DOG WITH MATTES.

STEP 2. BATHING- Once all mattes are gone and brushed we THOURHLY Bath the Dog.  This can take up to 20minutes.  This includes checking the anal glands, washing the coat two or three times depending on how dirty and of course conditioning the Coat.

STEP 3.  DRYING- Keep in mind how long it might takes to blow dry your own hair, mine takes about 4o minutes.  Now visualize  your hair over every inch of a DOG, you may have now come to the realization, it is going to take longer than 40 minutes.  If you have not, let me tell you, it could take up to 3 HOURS!!!  If your dog will allow us to blow dry it with the hand dryer, this substantially increases the time to dry.  We do not push the dog, as we do not want the dog to have a bad experience.  We then place the dog in a Safe Fan Dryer in the OPEN Cage.  The Fan Dryers we use are very safe and does not even blow HOT AIR.

STEP 4. HAIRCUT AND STYLE-  This Process can take to 1 hour or longer depending on your dogs behavior.  We trim and style every inch of the dogs hair.

STEP 5. PAW PADS-  We trim the hair in between your PUPs paw pads.   If the hair is matted is it uncomfortable and painful for your dog to walk.  It is important to have your dogs paw pads trimmed regularly.

STEP 6. SANITARY TRIM-  The private parts are trimmed at a shorter length so that when you PUP uses the restroom it does not get caught in the Hair around the private areas.

STEP 7. NAILS- We trim the nails and grind down if requested

STEP 8. EARS-  We pull out all excess hair and clean thoroughly.  We will note any infection we may find

STEP 9. FINISHING TOUCHES-  Another Groomer will look over the dog to make sure all is looking good.  We then place a BOW or BOWTIE on your good looking PUP.

STEP 10.  BRUSH-  We Brush or Blow out excess Hair.  Keep in mind we a continually brushing out your dog through the process but after everything is done we once again do a last all over brush and do our best to get the loose hair off the dog.

I hope this has helped you understand why it can take up to 2-3 hours to groom your Dog. At Duke and Duchess we treat every dog as if they were our own.  We do everything possible to assure their health and safety is never compromised.