Pet Sitting Services

Duke and Duchess is Offering Pet Sitting Services


Do you need to go out-of town for business, vacation, wedding or a family reunion? Is your biggest concern the travel plans or what to do with the dog and/or cat? Now Duke and Duchess has a solution: WE ARE NOW OFFERING IN HOME PET SITTING SERVICES and wanted to share this exciting news with our clients.

There are many advantages to having a home pet sitter:
Vet Quote, “In 30 years I have yet to treat stress induced bloody colitis in a pet that has been cared for by a sitter”
Having sitters also has the advantage of protecting the pet owner’s home. Newspaper and mail collection by the pet sitters eliminate “away from home” signals to possible “bad guys.” Live-in sitters create near normal household activity that also discourages potential robberies.

In Home Pet Sitting Services Include:
30 Minute Session.
Outside play or walk.
Feeding and watering pets.
Lots of Love and Affection.
Watering Plants.
Bringing in mail.
Turning lights on/off.

Pet Sitting offers the Convenience of the pet staying home and you don’t have to worry about pick up from kennel before close. It also may be less stressful for your pet to stay in the environment they are accustomed to

Pricing: 30 Minute Session $15.00
Overnight: $85.00 9pm – 6am
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**WE DO NOT offer any Kenneling Services.**